What is an "Agency of Record" (AOR) and how does it HELP me?

In the world of Recruitment Advertising, an Agency of Record (AOR) is typically understood to mean a single agency responsible for all the services that a particular business might require. These services traditionally may include job board selection, ATS consultation, brand strategy, creative, and recruitment media placement. Today AOR includes much more, such as navigating the ins-and-outs of job boards, working with customer service, interactive social media, recruitment micro-site development services, and other digital marketing.

The AOR model – is often the most unknown and underutilized – secret weapon in the war of recruiting “SUCCESS”.

Using Bessire as your AOR costs you no extra than recruiting yourself – and provides a much more focused target recruiting solution.

The most valuable aspect of the agency of record model is that it eliminates the need for businesses to manage multiple recruitment vendors, instead allowing them to have a single Point of Contact (POC) for all their requirements.

This offers a number of advantages, these four are the most significant:

1. Effective Strategy

Because Bessire is the single point of contact, brands and their project owners are in total control of the brand strategy and implementation.  We “plan our work” and work our plan.  We will handle billing, budgets and contracts so you don’t have to.

Since everything was handled within the same organization, the chances of miscommunication, knowledge gaps and fragmentation are low.

2. Ownership

With Bessire as a single point of contact, it was always easy to see who has control of the recruitment strategy and equally important budget. In case things didn’t go as planned, identifying the root cause is easier because responsibilities could be clearly assigned. One billing contact and easy to modify on the fly as the market changes.  We are nimble and can change direction as sourcing needs change and new service providers come online.

3. Efficiency

Working with Bessire over a long period of time offers an efficiency advantage that companies cannot leverage while working with multiple partners or switching partners frequently. Especially when the brand story is complex, and the learning curve is steep, it saves a lot of time to work with a partner like Bessire who already has the relevant knowledge and experience to draw upon rather than having to onboard a new vendor for each new project.  We can usually predict what will happen before we spend a dime.

4. Trust

Long-term working relationships also build a sense of trust and dependability. In times of crisis, when tough decisions need to be made, it helps if you and your agency partner have already faced down varied challenges together.

With all these advantages, the AOR model allows costs to be absorbed by the VENDOR, not YOU!!
Vendors offer Bessire an agency commission on average – from 5% up to 15% depending on the vendor and products (they pay us so you don’t have to).

Save Time and Money

The online job-posting industry is constantly changing.

FACT:  Job Boards usually tweak the algorithms – Monthly – and we stay current with those changes to ensure you get the BEST in Class most up-to-date formula for job board optimization/JPO.   

Unless someone at your company is working full-time on the practices and nuances of job boards, there is no way to match our experience and direct relationships.