“Bessire is Movement’s Agency of Record used in acquiring a variety of recruiting tools..”

Movement Mortgage is one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the United States. Over 3000 employees country wide have joined a company whose mission begins with ‘we exist to love and value people.’ With an incredible vision of servicing 1 out of every 10 homebuyers in the United States by 2025, Movement is consistently seeking top talent to grow business and achieve this goal.

The Talent Acquisition team is tasked with being on top of the latest recruiting trends and best practices utilizing the most current, top rated tools available at job boards and social media sites.

This is where Bessire steps in, the goal being simple: save the TA team time while achieving the greatest return on investment. Bessire is Movement’s Agency of Record used in acquiring a variety of recruiting tools, and they have consistently helped negotiate better deals for the advertising budget than could have ever been completed on our own! They present clear options and analysis, and Movement makes the final decision. Win-win all around!

During the entire process, Bessire establishes and maintains contact with social media representatives. They mediate meetings regarding service level agreements and they hold the media companies accountable for the advertising purchased. They also reconcile all invoices and provide us with one single point of billing – creating a seamless process from start to finish!

We are thankful for the business partnership Movement has found with Bessire, and would recommend their services to any company looking to take their recruiting platforms to the next level. Party on!
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