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“At Motorola, we hired your sales rep. this weekend! Thanks for your help in the search effort to find our fit. We had a number of high-quality candidates this time, much better than last year! I definitely recommend Bessire!”


“You were referred to me by another dealer in the Atlanta area and they were very satisfied with your services. Thank you for your time and help hiring our HVAC tech.”

Gray Television

From single hire needs, or recruitment advertising, to extensive Recruitment Outsourcing projects for ongoing multiple needs, Jason Bessire and his team have consistently delivered quality candidates, at a great value, with excellent service. They are experts in their field and possess integrity and values that I count on. I highly recommend Bessire & Associates and will look forward to many more years in our very positive working relationship.”

Gray Television is a leading media company that owns and operates high-quality stations in 113 television markets that collectively reach 36 percent of US television households.

Our agency partners

We’re an authorized partner with all of the major recruitment platforms, including…

LinkedIn Channel Partner

Bessire & Associates is proud to be one of only 14 LinkedIn Silver Channel Partners in North America. This means we can deliver the latest programs and solutions that solve recruiting and talent challenges, including:

  • Industry expertise
  • Media buying
  • Employer branding


Strategic recruitment plan

We understand the challenges of ever-changing recruitment technologies and the learning curve of staying up to date.
You shouldn’t have to be an expert on every recruitment ads platform to find qualified candidates.

Let us take that task off your plate so you can focus on interviewing your future employees.


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Solutions & Services

The online recruitment and branding industry is constantly changing with job-posting algorithms updating monthly. We stay current to ensure you get optimal results. Unless someone at your company is working full-time on the practices and nuances of job boards, there is no way to match our experience and direct advertising agency relationships.

Recruitment Advertising Agency

We work with various job boards directly to bring you better results at the same cost you would pay on your own.  We are your vendor-neutral agent, acting in your best interest to source the optimum platforms and products for your recruitment objectives. 

Recruitment Partner

Bessire can partner with you to do as much or as little of the recruitment process as you like. You own all the talent. We own the process to help you find candidates, saving you money and giving you much more value. We charge a flat fee at half the usual price of search firms and we manage all of the complexity so you don’t have to.

Employer Branding

Attracting top talent is easier with a top brand. Bessire will help your company build an employer brand that attracts & retains talent. Our 360° Branding and Advertising Assessment will help you project a recruitment brand that makes you the employer of choice for the candidates you’re trying to attract in today’s competitive hiring market. 

Why choose bessire?

Recruitment Advertising with Bessire is an ideal solution for companies that need some help with their search for talent. Bessire is the perfect alternative to doing it all yourself since we don’t charge you anything extra for premium services. Job boards and vendors pay Bessire an agency commission so you don’t have to.

Do It Yourself

Rather than adding all of these tasks to your already busy schedule…


Decide on the right job boards to utilize


Estimate the correct ad spend to place in the top 90% of listings


Create and manage accounts and payments on each job board


Write and post your own ads


Support issues require general support queue


When things break, you have to fix them yourself


No dashboard for visibility into market conditions


Analyze results and ROI

$ Value of your time


Utilize our expertise and let us handle all of the details so you can focus on interviewing and hiring…


Access to agency-level services


Strategy session with subject matter expert


Unbiased 3rd party to help you select the right recruitment platforms


Accurate ad spend data from agency tools to ensure page one performance


Custom-crafted ads optimized for job board algorithms


Optimized ads with competitive job titles, compelling ad copy, and correct budget


Better-qualified candidates


Issue resolution is handled by Bessire


Single point of contact for all recruitment accounts

$0 Additional Spend

More Reasons Why

Bessire has helped hundreds of companies nationwide, from SMBs to enterprise-level organizations, find solutions for all levels of positions in every industry.

Years of industry experience

Companies Helped

One of LinkedIn’s Channel Partners in North America


Added Cost to You

Your recruitment advertising Agency

At Bessire we help companies find more candidates to fill their staffing needs. As a recruitment advertising agency, we work with you to solve your talent shortfall and help grow your business, at no additional cost to you.

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After 20+ years we’ve heard a fair number of questions regarding recruitment advertising. Some of those most frequently asked are listed below. If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for CLICK HERE for a more comprehensive list.  If you’re still not finding the information you seek, we’d be happy to speak with you.

What is an Agency of Record?

In the world of Recruitment Advertising, an Agency of Record (AOR) is typically understood to mean a single agency responsible for all the Recruitment Advertising services that a particular business might require. These services traditionally may include job board selection, ATS consultation, brand strategy, creative, and recruitment media placement. Today AOR includes much more, such as navigating the ins and outs of job boards, working with customer service, being the billing agent, interactive social media, recruitment micro-site development services, and other digital marketing. The AOR compensation most often comes from a usual 5-10% agency commission paid to Bessire by the Vendor – NOT you the customer – while customer gets full value of the recruitment spend.

How does Bessire charge for its services?

Engaging Bessire as your AOR (Advertising Agency of Record) to run your advertising budget doesn’t cost you any more than what you were planning to spend. The job boards pay us a usual 5-10% agency commission paid to Bessire by the vendor – NOT you the customer – while you get the full value of your recruitment spend.

When using Bessire as an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) company – you are charged based on Time and Expenses. We charge a small fee each time you open a new requisition with us. We simply charge you for the process – and NOT THE HIRE! If you are under a contract with us, we will invoice you for all new requisitions at the end of each month, payable in 30 days. We offer two pricing options: a la carte and subscription. Under an a la carte plan, you pay (in advance) individually for each requisition and receive volume discounts as your monthly hiring volume increases. Under a subscription plan, in exchange for a monthly hiring volume commitment, you may receive discounted rates for all your hiring.


Why don’t you guarantee a hire?

As Bessire is only responsible for up to 70%  of the process that results in a hire (Strategy, Sourcing, Screening & Selecting), we are unable to guarantee hires which are ultimately determined by the latter two phases in the process, engaging and closing to hire, which we have no hand in.

What is Labor Pressure?

Labor pressure is the ratio used to estimate the level of difficulty in sourcing a skillset in a given region or market.  Labor pressure is calculated by dividing the number of available workers with that skillset, by the number of job openings seeking that skillset, within a certain geography.

Can you integrate with our ATS?

Yes, this can be done at the client’s discretion, but we recommend verbal client contact before this step occurs. Typical ATS drop-off across industries can be as much as 50%.  As a rule of thumb, we prefer to not make candidates “double apply” to an opportunity, thereby risking a significant spike in the candidate drop-off rate.

Can’t we do all of this internally?

Unless your company hires an army of people annually, you cannot match Bessire’s economies of scale, expertise and ongoing investments in technology, talent and quality assurance. Recruitment is a complex, ever-changing, specialized discipline requiring significant investments in time and resources to stay on the cutting edge. By leveraging the scale and knowledge base of the outsourcing programs we provide for the Fortune 500 companies, we are able to offer small and midsize companies a level of service and expertise simply unattainable by smaller companies.

Bessire is your Recruitment Advertising Expert

We provide comprehensive solutions and measurable results for employers looking for quality candidates in today’s competitive job market. We deliver positive outcomes to a wide variety of companies, from SMBs to Fortune 500 corporations, across a wide variety of industries.

When the stakes are so high, doesn’t it make sense to have a recruitment advertising expert on your side at NO ADDED cost?

Let’s talk about how we can help you find the right talent more efficiently and effectively.