Agency of Record

What is an AOR and how does it help me?

In the world of Recruitment Advertising, an Agency of Record (AOR) is typically understood to mean a single agency responsible for all the services that a particular business might require. These services traditionally may include job board selection, ATS consultation, brand strategy, creative, and recruitment media placement. Today AOR includes much more, such as navigating the ins-and-outs of job boards, working with customer service, interactive social media, recruitment micro-site development services, and other digital marketing.


Identify the most appropriate job boards and advertising mediums for your specific recruiting needs


Establish and maintain contacts with media representatives


Negotiate the best deals for the advertising campaign keeping within your budget to maximize ROI


Mediate meetings regarding service level agreements


Hold media companies accountable for advertising purchased


Reconcile invoices and provide single point billing

Save Time and Money

  • The online job-posting industry is constantly changing.
  • Job Boards usually tweak their algorithms monthly
  • We stay current with those changes to ensure you get the BEST in Class most up-to-date formula for job board optimization/JPO
  • Unless someone at your company is working full-time on the practices and nuances of job boards, there is no way to match our experience and direct relationships

Before you start any job posting campaign

Talk with us first. We work with the job boards directly to bring you better results at the same cost you would pay on your own.

Our approach to media buying is simple. We look out for your best interests. Our goal is to save you time while achieving the greatest return on your investment. We like a good value for our dollar and we look for the same for our clients,  consistently helping negotiate better deals. We present clear options, let you make the decision, then put them into action.